Participants list

For the 3ienchs, everything started in an overheated bathroom in 2015 with a first batch of 30L, then we had to trip over the carpet at some point because we find ourselves today with a beautiful brewery of 10HL installed in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (94).

It’s a little more than 30L. To give you an idea.

Beers of all styles, crafted with love, hoppy, accessible, so that everyone can find what they are looking for, because the goal of 3ienchs is to bring people together and expand the pack so that craft beer can awaken as many taste buds as possible.

All this accompanied by a supercharged rock playlist, to shake your head and not the beer. (otherwise it gets everywhere and you’re not the one moping the floor)

Come to our stand for May 7th & 8th!


NB: Despite our name we don’t bite. For information. And to reassure everyone.

NB 2: But check your rabies shots anyway. You never know.