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Herault brewery adept at mixed fermentations, farm beers while being open to modernity. Local and short circuit raw materials.
We cultivate proximity and open-mindedness…
The Malpolon is rooted in the local culture. Its habitat is the Mediterranean rim, and it strives to draw its raw materials and its inspiration there. Respectful of brewing traditions while remaining open-minded, we offer another approach to modern beers: a species of beer in the process of appearing!
In search of the shortest route between the field and the glass, our beers are brewed only with the following raw materials, as often as possible grown without inputs:
[Water] From Laverune
[Malts & non-malted cereals] 70% artisanal malting from Auvergne, 20% organic French malts, 10% Hérault
[Hops] 90% hops from the Alsatian cooperative – 10% independent Catalan hops
[Yeasts & bacteria] Laboratory cultures, multiplication of our “in-house” strains, research on the capture of so-called “wild” yeasts
[Fruits] Fresh & local, according to the inspiration of the recipe
[Plants & spices] Local, according to the inspiration of the recipe
We carry out in-depth work to strive for a 100% local source