• DBI, it’s a Distributor for Independent Brewers! Importer and distributor of craft beer from Europe and beyond. The sole intermediary between the brewer and the reseller. Knowledgeable and motivated to serve the Craft Beer Revolution!

  • KeyKegs are beer Kegs produced by OneCircle. Reach local customers and export to the world with beer as fresh as the day it was produced.

    KeyKeg locks in beer freshness, maintains high-quality flavour and maximises shelf life. A sustainable solution that allows beer to be dispensed almost to the last drop using any gas, even compressed air. KeyKeg is designed for circularity — once empty, KeyKegs can be recycled into the actual raw materials used to produce new KeyKegs.

  • The Grainfather has initiated thousands of home brewers into the craft as well as helped traditional home brewers hone their skills and broaden their creativity. We’re proud to say that many thriving brewery owners credit the Grainfather Brewing System for getting them started on their journey and giving them the confidence to pursue their dream.

    We specialise in innovative brewing systems to enable our consumers to brew high quality beer at home. Our dedicated team of brewers, engineers and industrial designers are constantly working on new developments on our products to make sure that every brew is as easy and as consistent as it can be for all levels of brewers.

    There is no limit to the types and styles of beer that can be made. From Pale Ales to Stouts, low alcohol or high, you can get creative with new recipes and make an exciting and high-quality brew every time.

  • Any Drink On Tap, Anywhere!
    We supply keg systems worldwide with distribution centres in Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand) and Berlin, (Germany)! Our kegs are perfect for beer, cider, mixers, coffee, cocktails or kombucha!
  • Hops on the brain.


    BarthHaas X is only young, but it was born from a 225 year love affair. Hops are the heart and soul of everything we do, but we wouldn’t be anything without the Craft Industry we have made our home in. To be an integril part of the incredible beers you make is an honour, and we hope you feel the same way!

  • The IFBM, or French Institute of Brewery Drinks and Malting, is the technical and educational centre for certified classes in Brewing and Malting in France since 1962. Since 2002, over 700 individuals have participated in our various classes, which are highly regarded in the profession, thereby greatly adding to the development of French craft breweries. It’s also a tool for all beer professionals and offers to accompany brewers whether they are starting up, or need advice, analysis, or development.

  • Comptoir Agricole

    The Comptoir Agricole is an agricultural cooperative that brings together 43 farmers in Alsace, which combined together create 461 hectares of hop plants. 800 tons of hops were harvested in 2018, with 15 mixed varieties. Since 2001, it has piloted a research program that has permitted 5 varieties of French hops to be commercialized: Aramis, Barbe Rouge, Elixir, Mistral and Triskel. So, the hops is developed 100% from seed, up to the moment it reaches the brewery!

    France is the 10th largest producer of hops in volume. The label Hop France by Comptoir Agricole allows planters of French hops to have access to French varieties, and to benefit from the technical support of Comptoir Agricole during the implementation of the production. The purpose of this label is to promote French hops that respect precise specifications for optimal quality. In short, “Good hops, for the best beers in the word”. More information on the label Hop France can be found at comptoir-houblon.fr.

  • Rolling Beers is the home brewer’s partner. Our online shop proposes ingredients and utensils for brewing at home, with a range of options from basic equipment for starting out, to more advanced equipment for confirmed brewers who want to put their beer on tap or to purge with CO2. The deliveries are quick – you can order and start brewing just a few days later. Our latest feature allows brewers to create recipes and buy malt in the exact quantity needed. No more need to stock ingredients, brewers can order just what they need!