Comptoir Agricole

The Comptoir Agricole is an agricultural cooperative that brings together 43 farmers in Alsace, which combined together create 461 hectares of hop plants. 800 tons of hops were harvested in 2018, with 15 mixed varieties. Since 2001, it has piloted a research program that has permitted 5 varieties of French hops to be commercialized: Aramis, Barbe Rouge, Elixir, Mistral and Triskel. So, the hops is developed 100% from seed, up to the moment it reaches the brewery!

France is the 10th largest producer of hops in volume. The label Hop France by Comptoir Agricole allows planters of French hops to have access to French varieties, and to benefit from the technical support of Comptoir Agricole during the implementation of the production. The purpose of this label is to promote French hops that respect precise specifications for optimal quality. In short, “Good hops, for the best beers in the word”. More information on the label Hop France can be found at