La Malterie du Château

The Malterie du Château®, the oldest malthouse in Belgium and one of the oldest malthouses in the world, offers over 80 varieties of high quality basic and specialty malts, allowing brewers to brew all kinds of beers, from Pilsen to Wheat beers, the darkest of Abbey beers to different organic brews. Our range of products is amongst the largest of the Belgian malthouses and includes standard basic and special malts, personalized basic and specialty malts to the specifications of individual clients, and even a vast range of organic malts for all kinds of beers or whisky that a creative brewer or distiller could imagine.

We also offer peated malts with a complete range of phenol intensity for brewing and distillation. Plus, Malterie du Château® offers multiple services to their clients, providing a vast range of other ingredients for beer and whisky and by assuring technical support with experienced Belgian brewers.

The quality of our products and services is becoming more and more appreciated with brewers the world over. More than 2800 brewers in 150 different countries choose to brew with malt made by Malterie du Château®.